Free For Now!

You can enjoy Checker Cruncher for free or support it if you want to.

Basic memberships are and will remain free. Premium subscriptions are available but purely voluntary. There are no features restricted to premium members. This will likely have to change eventually to keep Checker Cruncher a sustainable project, but for now everything is free.

If you enjoy the site and want to help it grow, consider buying a premium membership. Your support goes towards development time and server costs. And you'll get a shiny medal next to your user name!

Check the supporters list to see who is helping foot the bill. Or click below to add your name to the list! Thanks!


Pricing Plans
(Subject to change)

Level Price Possible Features (Not currently limited)
Basic Free
  • Limited engine analysis lines in puzzles
  • Limited depth in the opening explorer.
Medal bronze
$3.00 a month
  • Full engine lines in puzzles.
  • Deep access to the opening explorer.
  • Bronze flair next to user name.
Medal silver
$5.00 a month
  • Link to the game where the puzzle occurred.
  • Silver Flair next to your user name.
  • That feel good feeling.
Medal gold
$8.00 a month
  • Because you're awesome.
  • Gold flair next to your user name.
  • More coming as it's built.