About Me

Hi, my name is Brooks Thomas. I'm a hobbyist chess player and professional programmer. I've used and enjoyed a lot of tools like opening explorers and tactics puzzles to become a class B chess player. But I'm a beginner checkers player and there are very few tools available to improve.

In the summer of 2014 I was playing a friendly game of checkers and lamenting this fact to a friend when he asked "why don't you build one?" Thanks Rob! My hope is that you enjoy playing here as much as I have enjoyed building this site.


About the site

CheckerCruncher is a tool for learning how to play checkers well. Almost everyone knows how to play, but almost no one knows how to play well. This site is a place to test your skill and practice your technique.

The core of the site is training your calculation though a series of tactics puzzles. Each puzzle is a short scenario where you'll play against the computer for a few moves and try to find the winning idea. All the puzzles are generated from positions that occurred in games played between people so they should be relevant to your games.

I hope one day to offer more features like live play or other versions of checkers. But so far it's English Checkers and tactics puzzles. If you have questions or feedback post them on the forum.

About Checkers (Draughts)

Check out the rules page for the basics or the wikipedia article for everything else.